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Handing over your book-baby is vulnerable and exhausting. I promise to be a compassionate editor without compromising excellence in all that I do with your manuscript. 

Editing should make the writer feel good.

Few people like feedback, least of all writers who have poured their heart and soul into their work. Opening a document of over 50,000 words with thousands of corrections can make anyone’s heart sink.  
But it doesn’t have to be this way. 
Compassionate editing with an eye for excellence empowers a writer, advances her goals, and strengthens her work. 
I’m a sensitive soul myself, and I’ve felt the painful sting of a less than compassionate editor’s red pen. But I’ve also seen its transformational power too. 
My goal is to combine both compassion and excellence to create a painless and exciting editing experience for you. I’ll keep your voice (so you don’t sound like a robot) and refine your sentences so your message rings loud and clear.  
I love editing nonfiction Christian living books, memoir, children’s books, devotionals, and Bible Studies, as well as fiction. Any length is welcome—from a blog post to a novel. 
Compassionate, excellent editing is an investment not only for your current project but future ones too. I educate my writers on their changes and highlight their strengths so they can upgrade their skills for the long haul. 
All editing packages include…
       Track changes in Microsoft Word so you can approve or reject any or all changes. 
       A turnaround time of 1-2 weeks per 25k words, depending on current work load. 
       A 15-minute Zoom call after edits to answer any questions and review changes, if needed. 

I offer two forms of editing


This type of editing focuses on better words, tightened sentences, and smoothed paragraph transitions. I sometimes write or rewrite sentences or paragraphs if needed. 

Line editing is like the sturdy walls that keep the house (and book) from caving in.


Copyediting checks for punctuatation, usage, grammar, and spelling. 

Your manuscript is thoroughly combed through to ensure it is as error-free as possible. This is the most basic form of editing possible.

Copyediting is like the decorations in a house. It’s the final step to make everything look nice, cozy, and warm.

You can see examples of the differences here, here, and here


Mikaela was so easy and pleasant to work with. She completed my manuscript in less than the already short time period I had asked for. I will definitely come again! 

- Monica Hardie

Whether you've written a 500 word children's book or a 500 page novel, I'd love to help you make it shine. 


  • Tightening sentences

  • Strengthening paragraph transitions

  • Clarifying confusing sentences/ideas

  • Includes a 30-minute Zoom to review changes

PRICE: $.04/word


  • Corrects punctuation 

  • Changes words misused or misspelled

  • Ensures proper grammar 

PRICE: $.02/word



For free!

Still not sure? I get it.

If you're ready for editing, let’s go on a risk-free first date.

Send me a sample of your work and

I'll edit it for free so you get an idea

of what it would look like to work with me.


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