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Mikaela Mathews

My name is Mikaela Mathews, and I’m a pastor’s wife, boy mom, editor, and writer based out of Dallas, Texas. In my younger years, I believed a good book flowed naturally when inspiration magically struck. Now, after a decade sitting on both sides of the editor’s desk, I’ve learned the truth: writing a successful book or piece of content is neither easy nor solitary. It requires not only putting hard-earned words to a page but also finding the right team. 


I would love to be on your team. 


As an editor and writer, I strive to correct grammar and strengthen sentences in order to clarify your message, whether through a book or website. I’ve edited thousands of pages, including magazines, Christian devotionals, and self-published books. I also received a certificate of excellence from a proofreading organization in 2019. 


I understand that writing a book or website is both vulnerable and exhausting. I promise to be your cheerleader without compromising excellence in all that I do with your manuscript or copy. 


If you’d like to get a feel for how I edit, I’d be thrilled to edit a small sample of your work while we continue to get to know each other better. Click below for more information on how to receive your free sample edit! 





Are you unsure of...

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Proper usages of words

  • Punctuation

Copyediting addresses all of these possible pitfalls in your manuscript. 


available for nonfiction or fiction



Does your work need help at the sentence and paragraph level? ​

Line editing tightens and strengthens sentences, as well as edits transitions between paragraphs. 

This package also includes copyediting to identify grammar and punctuation mistakes. 


available for nonfiction

Writing Supplies




Does creating your own content for your website sound daunting?

Do you need a "separate pair of eyes" to look through your website, academic article, or important presentation before publishing? 

I can write and/or edit your website or project content. Included in the cost are two rounds of revisions if needed.


*Message for more information

and/or an estimate.



Not sure what type of an edit you need? Here are some helpful questions to ask. 




What can I expect to receive?

You can expect a clean copy with corrections kindly delivered on time! I'm also available for any follow up questions you may have about changes made. Copyediting includes corrections to punctuation, syntax, and grammar. Line editing goes deeper with corrections to sentences and paragraphs, tightening sentences and creating a cohesive flow. Please contact me if you have more questions!

Content creation will give you a completed document ready for publication on your website or other outlets. Included are two revisions from me based off any of your feedback.

What format should my manuscript/draft be in?

Microsoft Word is the easiest format for making changes. Once you review all of the changes, you can either reject or accept them. All documents must be in Word when sent for edits.

What is your turnaround time?

The turnaround time for your project depends on its length. Most projects can be turned around within 1-2 weeks, but please contact me with details if you would like a more specific timeframe.

What size of projects do you edit?

Any size! From a one-page book proposal to a 300 page novel, no project is too small or large.

What style do you adhere to?

I received my proofreading training using the Chicago Manual of Style; however, I have written using AP and MLA styles. I’m able to adapt to your needs.



Mikaela was so easy and pleasant to work with. She completed my manuscript in less than the already short time period I had asked for. I will definitely come again! 

Monica Hardie

Mikaela saved our bacon. I truly thought our book was print-ready and had NO IDEA how many grammar and punctuation errors were hiding in the pages. She found all of them. As a writer, I learned so much through the process. She not only corrected our mistakes, but explained why each correction needed to be made. I will never publish anything again until her eyes have seen every page. She's so gifted and so fast. She's simply the best. 

Emily Gentiles

Emily Gentiles,

Stack of Books



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