• Mikaela Mathews

What I Learned in May

Updated: Jul 8

My husband and I scratch our heads around this time of year, wondering how in the world life got so busy. Maybe everyone feels this way, but spring in our house means launch of Bible studies, trips to the zoo, and planning summer shenanigans.

Nonetheless, here were my favorite things of May...

1. Celebrating milestones

This month, my husband and I clinked champagne glasses over fondue to commemorate 11 years of marriage. A week later, we snuggled our one-year-old on my second Mother’s Day.

2. Making new friends

The writing/business life can sometimes feel lonely. I purposed in 2021 to find more writerly/creative business friends, and I made some fun strides towards this in May.

3. Taking editing classes

I can always learn more about my craft. I enrolled in continuing education classes this month and have been taking all the notes on how to make manuscripts better.

4. Listening to encouraging, short business podcasts on my walk

I found this podcast from Esther Littlefield recently. The episodes run about the length of my daily walk, and it's been an uplifting time to stroll through nature with my son in the stroller while learning.

5. Sitting outside with my son

The Texas weather has been an uncontrollable roller coaster this month (surprise, surprise). But when the sun does shine in between pockets of rain, my curious toddler loves poking the mud with the longest stick he can find. He's also progressed to mischievous glances at me, then plopping into the biggest mud puddle.

6. This children's book!

My friend gifted me this book for my son's birthday a few months ago. He picks it up almost every day and carries it over to me to read.

7. This thermal hair protectant

I've been on the hunt for clean, safe hair products for years. During my journey with infertility, I learned all of the dangerous chemicals in many of my products and made some significant changes. But haircare has taken the biggest hit. It's a hard find for a product that works, but this company has my business so far.

8. Editing this book

I connected with Emily over our shared infertility journey, and she has been a tremendous blessing. She launched her book, Trying, that I had the privilege of proofreading. It's a beautiful book of women who walked through the storm and not only came out alive, but praising Jesus.

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