Hey, friend

If we were to sit down on opposite sides of a small Starbucks table with steaming cups of coffee (peppermint tea for me, please), I’d want to get to know you better. But since the internet is weird and about blog posts are normal, let me just have a one-sided conversation and tell you all about my professional self.

Graduating as a Fightin’ Texas Aggie and armed with a Communication degree, I launched into an exciting career as a receptionist for a property tax firm. Yes, it was 2009 and all my professors could do was laugh and say, “Good luck out there.”

But even the jobs that seem pointless can teach us something and every one of mine has led me to be a stronger proofreader, writer, and editor.

As a receptionist, I learned friendly customer service.

As the editor and freelance writer for a local magazine, I learned the necessity of deadlines and that skillful proofreading prevents printing social security numbers to the masses.

As the director of communication for a small nonprofit, I learned to write with conviction and little resources.

As the owner of a small business, I learned that a job is never finished until the customer is a thousand percent happy.

As a Bible Study/curriculum volunteer editor for my church, I learned how to edit without losing the writer’s voice.

I’m embarking now on a journey as a newly minted mama turned freelance proofreader. I understand the importance–no, need–for correctly spelled words, apostrophes, and commas to sound professional.

I’m available to proofread any of your documents, books, curriculum, or blog posts and primarily use the Chicago Manual of Style as my guideline, though I can certainly adhere to any style. I’ve also been certified through Proofread Anywhere, a rigorous curriculum designed to train proofreaders.

In the meantime, I’ll be over writing for ChristianHeadlines.com, reading fiction (and posting lessons on story structure here), and hanging with my hubs and lil babe.