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July Things I Loved

July was hard, full of things too tender to talk about on the Internet, at least for now.

But it had pockets of light and joy.

1.God's people showing up when we most needed it.

I was reminded of a powerful lesson this month: don't run from grief. Even if the grief feels unbearable. People need to know they are not alone when they lose a loved one.

2. Queso & finding a new Mexican restaurant.

I ate my weight in melted cheese on a hard day and let me tell you, it felt good.

3. Kind nurses & helpful doctors. These sacrificial humans minister to those of us at our lowest moments. I will be forever grateful for the nurse who pulled warm blankets around my shivering shoulders when I felt the most grief.

4. Balloons & toy cars.

If you need a pick-me-up, give a toddler with a big belly a ballon tied to his favorite toy car. He will carry it around the house and bring instant joy.

5. Sparklers & green grass.

July 4th is my second favorite holiday. We savored it with lighting sparklers in green grass and eating hamburgers by the pool.

6. Swim lessons with my little boy.

I love swim lessons. Floating together in the water, teaching him the importance of a back float and kicking fills me with inexplicable joy, especially on dark days.


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