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Editing Portfolio

A sampling of the books I've edited and proofread

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Emily Gentiles

Mikaela saved our bacon. I truly thought our book was print-ready and had NO IDEA how many grammar and punctuation errors were hiding in the pages. She found all of them. As a writer, I learned so much through the process. She not only corrected our mistakes, but explained why each correction needed to be made. I will never publish anything again until her eyes have seen every page. She's so gifted and so fast. She's simply the best. 

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Becky Leach

Mikaela made my very first experience with an editor easy and painless. She was kind, gracious, and thorough. I highly recommend her as an editor and am looking forward to using her services again. She was an excellent cheerleader and helped my story come alive by challenging me to arrange my chapters differently. If you feel stuck in your writing, Mikaela can help move the ball forward with you!


Sandy Cooper

With my first two self-published books, I asked friends to catch my typos and grammar errors. They were "free" but they were not professional editors, so unfortunately they did not catch all my mistakes. This meant that the early buyers of those books now own copies with multiple errors. This is very embarrassing. This also meant that I needed to submit several revisions of my first two books to the publisher before we got it right. In fact I have a whole box of author copies in my closet that contain errors--I don't even want to give those away for free! I may have saved some money by asking friends, but I paid for it in wasted time and wasted author copies. So, for me, hiring Mikaela gave me peace of mind and confidence that my book would be error-free and that I'd be releasing a professional product--the first time!

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